My Owen

Over the past year I have sat and watched my little man grow up and lose all his “babiness”.  He is becoming a child.  Full of truth, and honesty (brutal at times) and his own humor.  In fact, just the other day he came up to me and said, “Mom, I’ve got something for you.” I was so excited so I said “Oh, what is it?” He turns around sticks his butt at me and farts then runs away, laughing.  (Okay, so maybe his humor is all about farts right now, but give him a break…he is only 3)  Another of his cute quirks includes his dress attire…he has to always wear an “armpit shirt” (tank top) and short pants (commonly knows as shorts). 


When we leave the house, Tyler and I always tell him he has to put on a long sleeve shirt and long pants and his coat before we go.  So, Owen goes and gets his warm clothes but insists on putting them on over his “armpit” shirt and short pants.  Then he asks if he can take off these clothes when we get to where we are going.  Since we have chosen to pick our battles, his is allowed to take off his warm clothes almost anywhere except church or when we go out to eat.  He seems satisfied with that, so we are too. 

Tyler and I recently learned something about our cute little 3-year-old.  He is too smart for his own good.  The Saturday before Christmas, we told Owen that we were going to go see Santa Claus.  He got super excited and his eyes got as big as saucers and he said, “We are going to the North Pole!” We said no, Santa came here so we could see him.  Owen said, “To our house!” We again said no, we are going to go see him at the mall.  Owen then had a deflated look and said, “Santa is at the mall?” We then gave an explanation to the effect of yes he goes to the mall so all the little boys and girls can see him and tell him what they want for Christmas.  That seemed to work ok, so we left it alone.   When Christmas came around, “Santa” came to deliver presents and Owen caught him in the act.  Santa saw him and carefully in the dark of the hallway, snuck down and handed Owen a candy cane.  He thought it was the best thing ever and was so excited to tell everyone that he saw Santa and he brought him a “candy corn!” (his version of candy cane 🙂 )  Later that day when Owen and I were talking about how neat it was to see Santa he said, “Yeah, but I think it was a different Santa.”  I said “What?! What do you mean a different Santa?”  He calmly looks at me and says “Well, he had a dark face.”  I just said it was because the lights were off in the hallway and he couldn’t see him very well.  Again he seemed to think that could be possible, and let it go.  All this has led Tyler and I to the conclusion that Owen will not believe for very much longer.  And that is 100% ok, we won’t lie to him and if he ever asked, the truth will be told with the caveat of not telling his little sister.  We also decided he could understand what Christmas was really about.  We explained this in terms of gifts, because what 3-year-old doesn’t understand gifts?  So, we told Owen he gets 3 presents for Christmas.  Then we asked him why he only gets three.  His answer was, “Because big God gave 3 presents to little God for Christmas and for his birthday.”   He then said that he should get 3 presents for his birthday too…a battle we will choose to fight later. 😉 

Overall, this past year has opened our eyes to what a beautiful young boy we have.  He is so smart, so cute and so funny all rolled up into one.  I am so excited to see what he does next.  I love how he treats Evie, he loves her so much.  Often times he will be playing and having not heard her for a bit jumps up and says, “Mom, where’s Evie?”  I calmly let him know she is taking a nap, and he says ok and goes back to what ever he was doing before.  Or if they are playing, or even if they aren’t and I tell Evie its time for a nap, he will say no she doesn’t want to take a nap; all because he still wants her to be with him, playing or not.  Such a sweet heart for such a young little boy.  I love you Owen.


Time Fly’s!!!

It’s funny, when there is one you are able to take things with the tide.  Get used to the changes slowly and get into a new groove.  When there are two things come at you and change so much faster!  The best part?  I love it, all of it!!!! My two little angels (using that term loosely) are so much fun!  Evie has grown up so fast it is catching me off guard…just look at this:

Lately my most favorite thing is when we are all just sitting at home.  Evie is now old enough and just fast enough to play with Owen and they run and chase each other around the house.  I love hearing their laughter as they chase each other then run into the living room and fall in a pile on the floor.  SO CUTE!!!! Plus, they each have their own quirky goofy personalities.  I have the perfect picture to sum it up:

On a side note…I will hopefully be posting pictures from our summer adventures soon.  It is super hard to keep up with everything, but i will be sharing them as soon as I have an extra moment to breathe.  (translation: don’t hold your breath…pun intended 🙂 )

Ready for Summer!

Since it has been so nice and sunny the past couple of weeks, we have been taking advantage of every minute.  Luckily for us, Evie loves being outside as much as Owen does!  Here are a few things we have been able to enjoy:

Swinging at the park, Owen even wants to push his little sister on the swings.

Riding bikes.  Owen has recently mastered this skill and wants to ride every time we take a walk.

And finally, playing in the water.  Evie still hasn’t put on enough weight to keep her bottoms up so we are going to have to get her some 3 mo. size swim suits, this one is 6 mo.

More fun to come!!!! The Knepp’s love Summer!!!


Mother’s Day

Mother’s day this year was beautiful.  My little angels were perfect and i had a fun day spent 100% with my family.  It was pure Love. 🙂  Since Evie was born with the exception of 1 week, Owen has been such a wonderful big brother.  Every morning the first thing he says to Evie is “Hey Beautiful”, I love that he has picked this little habit up.  Also, he is so sweet to her.  He always asks me if he can share whatever he has with her.  For example, yesterday he asked if he could share his Dorito’s with her.  I had to tell him no because she has to have teeth to eat those.  But if he has chocolate, he will break off a little piece and say, “Can Evie have tiny piece?”  And then he is so excited to give it to her, about as excited as Evie is to get it.

Also, this past week Owen has gone every day without having 1 accident.  I am so excited to say that I am now the proud mother of a potty trained 3 year old little boy.  It was nice because one day he just decided he didn’t want to go in his diaper anymore.  I didn’t have to push him or anything, he made the decision completely on his own.  Kind of nice if you ask me. 

A trend I am quickly picking up on is how much my children love water.  Not to drink it, but to play in it.  Literally no matter where in the house either of them is, if I turn on the bath faucet they both come running (crawling) as fast as they can stripping off their clothes on the way.  (with the exception of Evie, she would be just fine climbing in fully clothed.)  They would play in the bath for hours if I would let them, as long as I don’t try to wash them, they aren’t too fond of that part.  This makes me really excited for this summer, because I know they will love swimming and playing in the pool.

Bike rides are still a fan favorite around our house.  Last time we took them around town it didn’t take long before it got really quiet in the bike trailer…we turn to look and this is what we saw:

They were completely wiped out!!  But they were so cute and we were able to take them around for a bit while they slept. 

Owen has been growing up so much the last couple of months and is starting to be more and more child rather than baby.  It is really depressing sometimes.  For example, he as always referred to his Grandma and Grandpa as Memaw and Pepaw.  Somehow, he lost that and now he calls them Grandma and Grandpa…I have yet to find out who taught him these titles, doer’s beware!!!

Even so, my mother’s day was so beautiful and wonderful.  I am so thankful for the gifts that made me a mother, and the best mother’s day gift I could have ever asked for.  Two beautiful little angels; one Prince and one Princess.

My little mother’s day present. 🙂


Tiny Little Beauty

As most of you know Evie has been tiny her whole, albeit short, little life.  At her 9 month checkup she weighed in at 14lbs. 2oz.  The doctor said she isn’t gaining weight like she should be, so she said that we needed to start adding butter and cheese to her food; then Evie had to come back in for a weight check two weeks later.  So she had her weight check yesterday after two weeks of eating buttery, cheesy goodness.  She weighed in at 14lbs. 1oz…not what we were hoping for.  So we now have to put her on a special formula recipe, 1 full cup of powdered formula to every 23 oz of water.  That is about a 1/3 cup per bottle….that is a lot of formula.  But it increases her caloric intake so that hopefully she can gain weight.  She goes back in on May 31st for another weight check…so say little prayers that our dainty little princess can become a little chunk. 🙂

Happy Birthday Owen!!!

This weekend was very eventful for the Knepp household.  On Saturday my little boy turned three years old!! According to Owen he is now a big boy not a little boy.  Biggest accomplishment I think was that he has officially given up his “bite!” Yay!!! He was sad for a bit and occasionally he will still ask for it but so far he has had naps and gone to sleep at night without it.  Also, now that he is a “big boy” he doesn’t want to go potty in his little training potty anymore.  He has starting going on his own but every time he goes he hops up on the big potty and goes there.  Hey, as long as he is going in there rather than his pants I am ok with that! 

I think that Owen’s birthday party was a big success.  The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and weren’t bored so I am going to take that as a sign of a good time. 🙂  Here are some pics from the party.

This was the “Dino Dig” in the back yard.  Each kid had their own tray and a paint brush and they got to dig for dinosaurs in the sand.  There was some fun surprises in the sand like a dino skeleton, a dino egg that hatched when put into water, some little plastic dinosaurs, and some pretty geodes.  The kids had a great time!

Owen played pirate with his new little friend Dane.  He really had fun running around the backyard sword fighting with him.

Owen’s Memaw and Pepaw made him exactly what he wanted.  He said he wanted cake and cupcakes for his birthday. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Owen!! Mommy and Daddy love you very much, you are growing into such a beautifully handsome, and polite little boy.  We love your little quirks, like how you say “Daddy, I have to tell you something…” and then turn your butt in his direction, fart and then run of laughing hysterically (definitely a father-son trait); or how you tell your Grandma she is a mess.  But we also love how you are such a good big brother.  Like Sunday morning when you woke up and saw Evie for the first time and said, “Good morning beautiful!”  She is going to really appreciate you when she gets older.  You are perfect, and we love you more than you could ever know. 


Spring in the Air

The weather lately has been just beautiful! And as a result we are getting out and getting active.  Tyler and I just bought a bike trailer so that we can go on bike rides with the kids.  We were unsure how well they would like it but quickly learned that they loved it!!

Even Evie has been enjoying the outdoors.  I think she just loves sitting next to her big brother, she loves him so much.

Another thing that we get so excited for this time of year is Easter, or Chreaster as we like to call it.  Every year we get together and celebrate christmas and easter together with our Harmon family.  It is a blast!  For me this year is going to be the best easter ever.  Why you ask?  Well it is because I have a daughter and there is a very fluffy white lace dress with blue trim waiting for her to grow into it in the closet…it should fit perfectly come Easter time.  Yay for little girls!!!

April 7th this year will be pretty exciting for us here at the Knepp household as well.  Our little Owen is turning 3!! That is a little hard to believe, but its true.  His party is going to be a blast, and this year he actually gets to have some of his little friends over!  It is amazing how fast this little guy is growing.  It seemed like only yesterday I was giving him baths in the sink…oh. wait. it was…

Such goof balls, but yet so cute!! It’s these little things that I love about being a mommy!!!


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